Considering a new SACD Player

I’m planning to purchase a new SACD player.  Have listened to MCIntosh MCD550, and have yet to audition Yamaha CD-S2100, or CD-S3000.  I have a Marantz SA-14S1 that will move to a secondary system.  I plan to use balanced cables to connect to McIntosh C-50 preamp.  Any thoughts??
The obvious candidates are the Marantz SA-10 and Luxman D-05u/D-06u.  All excellent performers.
Like mentioned above, the Marantz SA-10 is fantastic.  Or, if you don't care about balanced out, the Marantz SA-KI Ruby is also extremely nice at a good price savings over the SA-10.
Thanks!  Have read some up and down reviews on the Ruby, but definitely worth considering.  The dealer I'm working with sell Yamaha and Marantz.  He's really big on the Yammie

Big fan and supporter of SACD here. I am looking forward in reading more about you and your system. Happy Listening!
I got my Vacuum State Level 5+ modified Sony SCD-1 out of storage recently. On SACD's I think it is a real gem. I thought the SACD player was excellent 20 years ago but even today it is really good. It maybe the mods.
The Sony SCD-1 was/ is a state of the art SACD player.

Not sure what the mods to it are exactly but not exactly surprised it can hold its head high even today.
As for state of the art SACD, I would not argue in favor of the 20+ year old Sony, impressive as that unit was.

State of the art today is probably ripping SACD files and playing them through a modern DAC that will accept the .dsf files.  Limited there only by the DAC choice.  Not familiar with quality of these, but perhaps a second choice is a Bryston/PS Audio type of device that will accept HDMI output from an SACD disk player.

If you're not familiar with ripping SACDs, do a search.  There's a lot of information out there.  Google is your friend.  To answer directly the needed software is from Sonore and is free.  But you need to know more than that.
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@melm  If your not familiar with a conversation. I was trying to have one. Never mind. 


your modified SCD-1 is a real gem- keep it!  I am staying tuned on your next SACD playback evolution.  Happy Listening!

@jafant I did hear a very good Luxman CD/SACD player last month with Luxman m900u/c900u and TAD ME1 speakers. I think we only did the CD section in the demo via ROON (no physical disks). It was so good that I was thinking I should just buy this whole Luxman system and be done with. I am trying to replicate that sound with different lower cost parts, including keeping my Sony SCD-1.

Look around for a Modwright tube modified Sony cd player. I have a 999es that gives my Oracle Delphi VI / Graham Phantom II Supreme/ Sumiko Talisman Virtuoso DTI a run for its money.
At this stage of the game it comes down to the recorded source to determine which sounds better analog or digital. Even non SACD compete with my turntable. I own 2, one all tube,other one is a hybrid.
Check out the yamaha CD- S2100. Auditioned one this week end with Clarius red power chord. 
Everyone (except Elizabeth) seems to forget that all alleged “super audio” playback media designed to overcome alleged deficiencies of Redbook CD playback (16-bit, 44.1kHz) are simply bandaids to a now-solved problem today. Just get a decent, low jitter transport and a decent modern DAC and be happy. Hell, a lot of decent modern CD players provide such benefits.

Excellent point.

My old ( although fairly new to me) C.E.C player fed through to my Ayre EX8 by AES has given CD a new lease of life.
As an owner of the Yamaha, I support the recommendation of the CD-S2100. It's built at a much higher level than you'd expect from a large manufacturer. In support celander's point, this unit won't force you to buy 2 pieces of equipment (and associated cables)  since it'll play CD, SACD, and it's DAC supports DSD native playback.

My only nit to pick on the Yamaha is the slow layer change function if you're loading a dual layer SACD. Otherwise, it's a solid pick.
Thanks for you response.  I’m planning to listen to both the Yamaha, and the Marantz.  My dealer speaks highly of both!
Seems like cd players all sound different. The Yamaha CD S2100 had synergy with my system. It was even kind to marginal sounding cds. Moving up in the food chain might be a step up, but would that mean worse sound on marginal sounding cds? My system CJ Premier 11A Tube Amp,  CJ  PV11 TubePre Amp ,Apogee Centour speakers ,Yamaha cd S2100   (Replacing cambridge audio 840C cd player)
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Yes cds sound better then ever.I agree. Since they sound different and better i have to listen to all my cds again . Nice  upgrades .The Marantz sa 10 is highly regarded. I love Maggies. My friend just traded in his 3.6 for 20.7 and sub woofers. BTW im listening to Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus.( Dec 11 1968) . Brian Jones still in  group ,probably Nicky Hopkins om piano. Recording OK/ Music good.


Yes, Luxman is a top contender and offers a few different players with different price-points. I certainly hope this company can sell enough product to remain viable here in the U.S. Accuphase is another consideration that is in the Top Tier.  Happy Listening!

Hello all!  Today was the day, and the audition was short!  The Marantz SA 10 easily bested the Yamaha 2100.  The Yamaha is less expensive, and surely a fine SACD player, but I took the Marantz home!  Thanks to all who took the time time offer advice and comment..
Nice score!  what other gear including cabling rounds out your system?
Happy Listening!
Thank you!
Mostly Kimber Hero, Kimber 12VS speaker cables, and Tributaries interconnects, trib speaker cable.  A number of systems in the house. 
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I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve owned a CD Player since 1983, Denon, Marantz, McIntosh, some changer, most single, and I still have many of them.  Some are universal players.  I enjoy listening to them all, but the Marantz SA-10 blows them all away!