Considering Beveridge, your opinion please.

Hi all, I resently started researching loudspeakers for a 2 channel audio system. I'm considering buying a pair of Beveridge loudspeakers, I've read extremely positive things about them, but the number one thing that attracts me is the realism they are capable of producing. They can still be found in the used market and I understand they can be refurbished to almost new condition by R. Beveridge himself, total cost should be around $2500.

Other speakers that have picked my attention are Janszen and Sanders, they both have very good reviews and have great support and warranty. Price wise they're 3-5 times the Bev.

I will appreciate your comments, first about the Beveridge, and the idea of buying into 20 year old speakers and then your opinion of the new Janszen and Sanders.

Thanks and happy holidays to all.