Considering referb on Harman Kardon A230 tube amp

After cleaning out Mom's basement after a mini flood I came across a Harman Kardon A230 tube amp. A quick look on the net told me it was from the early 1960's. Dirty, very dirty, but all intact. I was considering referbishing it with what ever it needed but I know nothing about the amp. Anyone with any experience with this tube amp or similar? Just wondering if it is worth the time / money to bring it back. Thanks in advance!
The Citation series were designed by Stu Hegeman. The other tube HK gear was not. The Citation series can sound wonderful, the other HK gear far less so.

Worth refurbing? If it has sentimental value, maybe.
cleaning it up and getting it working properly is worth it. Spending more than $150 on it probably isn't worth it. A fisher 101, scott 299 or similar will probably beat it.