Considering replacing Maggie 1.6s

I am considering replacing my Maggie 1.6, with Tyler Acoustics Halo 1, anyone have experience with these speakers.  Reason for replacing current speakers is our new home does not allow for proper placement of the Maggies.  Previous to the 1.6s I had Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Sig, I liked them alot except for a little brightness, any input appreciated, these will be driven by a Classe CAP 2100 integrated.  Room is 15 x 17,  Lastly anyone interested in a pristine pair of 1.6s with sound anchor stands drop me a line.
My Vandersteen Model 1's sounded better than my 1.6's in most, if not all areas. My Model 2's made them sound defective. If you're having placement issues, Vandersteen gives you better options than most other speakers.
I had vandersteen 2ce sigs before the Tylers, i thought they sounded good, but wifey did not approve, she thought the best sounding were my old Klipsch Forte II, LOL, believe me i was thinking of going the Vande route 
I don't know what your budget is, but have you ever heard DeVore? They're much nicer to look at. If, for some reason, I wasn't able to use Vandersteen's, DeVore would be a top choice. Monitor Audio also makes some great speakers for the money.
Out of curiosity, what were you driving your Maggies with? Was looking into picking up a pair (first time plannar purchase) and not sure what to use for amplification 
Classe CAP 2100 integrated, 100 x 2 8 ohms, 200 x 2 4 ohms, plenty of power, I will never get rid of that amp.
How bout a nice pair of pre owned Vandersteen Treos
Placement friendly,fashion police loved, more sophisticated and will perform well beyond expectations.