Contrast audio MODEL ONE (Grizzly Works).

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Contrast audio MODEL ONE AS-3 PEFERENCE PRO (Grizzly Works).

Some considered thoughts from an Aussie about the Contrast Model One AS-3 Ref speakers.

"It seems like an appropriate time to convey some impressions I have formed about the Contrast speakers, although I am trying to avoid making this a review laden with cliches.

I don’t do reviews in the classic sense, but there are now sufficient thoughts about these speakers running about in my mind, so my plan is to convey some of these into an intelligible narrative.

As a regular (weekly ) visitor to the Grizzly cave for music discovery evenings, I have had time to get a grip on what makes these speakers interesting. I heard them about 2 days after they arrived and in the ensuing weeks have noted the changes over time.

Initially, they had a wholesome and organic sound, which has not dissipated, but these speakers have evolved in stature, texture and tonality. Music played through these takes us in a tangible and mildly emotional direction, not by 50000 lumens of LED lighting, but somewhat like the ambient light on a calm and golden autumn afternoon, where the world seems to be in balance and you just feel like everything is right.

Music here is as it should be, no more and no less. Honest, open and not self conscious or attention seeking. That happens naturally, without you even noticing that you have just played 6 albums and never once been conscious of the equipment used to play them. The music in and of itself is just there, much like a familiar friend whom you would trust implicitly with anything, but also one who doesn’t mind challenging you in important conversation.

I hope this does not seem akin to damning with feint praise, but there are no particular personality traits evident with the Contrasts. You are simply there, with the artist, or the band, or the orchestra, perhaps in row 4 centre.

As weeks have passed the speakers, as previously mentioned, have grown in stature and a modest but tangible, self assurance. I would say that I have heard perhaps 50 albums of all types through these speakers and never once did they sound out of their depth even on some material that was as robust as music can get.

Instruments and voices sound as they should, not exaggerated but equally not understated.
I am also trying to deliberately avoid the use of words like accurate, clean, neutral, detailed etc and never -in- a -million - years will you read a boxing analogy from me.

The really impressive thing here is that these speakers are not contrived to sound like anything in particular. They do not editorialise the music fed to them but crucially, this does not result in making you run out of the room when a poorly produced album is played. Nothing is glossed over or sweetened with Saccharine, they just manage to help you realise that not every recording is perfect and it is what it is, but one is never punished, only informed.

Many of my own favourite recordings have been rendered so compellingly that it seems like this is how they should have sounded always and on par with how they sound on my own system. This may not seem like a revelation, but hearing your own music in store demonstrations, or on other people’s systems, can often be underwhelming and/or not capture your attention.
I never found this with the Contrasts. Every album just flows along a river of unambiguous musicality ( sorry, I did need to use one cliche word ) and it is musicality that defines these best of all.

Apologies if this reads like pretentious drivel, but I wanted to be honest and strived to avoid cliche and the above words are my ongoing impressions.

So, in October roll up to room 1202 [Australian International HiFi Show]. I think you may be pleased ."
Quite an epistle there, contrastaudioua! As the builder/seller you are justifiably proud of your new creation! However, a more neutral review is called for!