Convenience vs Quality

For years now, I have stood by the position that vinyl (or reel to reel) is the only way to hear the organic, natural sound approaching live. And I put up with the inconvenience of a TT. Maybe a reflection of these tough times and a Silver Lining is that I surely enjoy listening to the Pandora app in my smart TV through my main stereo system!
Never thought I would opt for this convenience over quality but even though the fidelity has a lot to be desired, it is way fun to hear hit after hit of my favorite artists... for free! I prefer soft Rock/Pop in Pandora and think I am hearing the essence of the mostly midrange of the singers. And the mids being the most easy to reproduce, I really get into the words and the phrasing. And running an all tube SET system, the electronic edge is greatly smoothed out. And a Silver Lining of these times is the realization that good enough is good enough.
Especially if you're up and around doing stuff and not sitting in the dark focused listening. I can enjoy a YouTube of Mel Torme off my laptop. Come to think of it, I have. 

The Velvet Fog. Thanks for mentioning the great Mel. There is really no one like him. Although my favorite album is Coltrane and Hartman. John Hartman was amazing and kind of like Mel!