Cool-running tube amps: Berning ZH270...others?

OK, so the Berning ZH270 is known to run cool. Is the EA-230 cool too?

And what other tube amps are there that run cool? Looking for at least 30wpc, hopefully 70+.

McIntosh tube amps are cool running because of the Unity Coupled Circuit which draws power from both the plate AND the grid. Tube bias is fixed at the factory and is not critical per tube.
I chose a Simaudio pair of monoblocks based on their sound and their cool-running temp. Mine were the W-10's - they had 750W/ch into 8 ohms, 1400 into 4. If you really cranked up the music, they would start generating some heat, but compared to a Krell or the Ayre I have now, not even close in terms of heat generated.

I don't know if this holds over their whole line and/or their newer models, but I could leave the monos on all the time in a medium-sized, enclosed room and not have issues.