Cool strings finds

Well, I bought the following:
Columbia MS6462 Stereo 360 Sound...which soundwise is ok..

But the work in it is amazing, at least to me:

Richard Yardumians' Symphony #1/Violin Concerto with Anshel Brusilow playing the violin and The Philadelphia Orchestra dir by Eugene Ormandy.

Great energy in this work, I am stoked at the great finds for 2 bucks.

I also listened to the Classica Records label LP that I found, it sounds superb...Its Classica Records CLAS 119 of Schuberts' Cello Concerto in A Major and Schumann's in A Minor,,,Ephram Sorkin on Cello and Classica Symphony Orchestra dir by Wilhelm Goldschmidt. Its recorded as if your first row, which I love for strings work.
Thanks for your review, I am always on the lookout for good performances. I think we sometimes get caught up in sonics and ignore the performance.
yeah,,,sometimes I like to get away from the label hype wars and find just well played music...Things dont have to be Sheffield/MFSL quality to be enjoyable...

I am also getting into a bit more modern composers...Sibelius had nice things to say about Yardumian's work.
I am suprised at that Classica LP,,,,I cant find a single thing about this label,,they have cool covers and I saw a whole bunch of sealed LP's which I will go back to get.