Cost break down of hifi system

Hello, just curious on what you guys recommend for the cost breakdown of a hifi system ? I have heard a lot about 15%-20% for cables and roughly 30% on speakers. Right now I am in the middle of building my new system. I currently have pass labs xp-12 demo model and an x250.8 NIB from Reno Hifi. I got a hell of a deal at $13500 for both. I also got a very light demo pair of Dynaudio contour 60i for 25% off. Based off what I have given, could you guys give me a breakdown on what I should spend on source and cables ? I was leaning at the Cardas cyngus cables. For dacs I was looking at the all in one lumin t3 or an aurender n200 with the chord qutest dac. I am also debating which audioquest niagra to get, the 1200 or 3000 ? Seems the me the 1200 does everything.  I’m open to suggestions so please tell me if I am off track. I wanna get it right the first time. 


 I used a bit of psychology on my wife when we first got married. I made sure to have the most unacceptable hi-fi system imaginable in the living room. Unfinished speakers, system set up in one corner of the room diagonally, etc. It WAS ugly. Soon after the first reaction, I told her that Better looking speakers might help, and I built solid wood speakers that represented my best woodworking skills. Anyway, it went on like this, and now after years of training, my wife accepts the system as it is now, on the long wall, with beautiful speakers and even a rack that she helped pick out. Decide the battle that you need to win to be happy, and then plan it like it were the most important thing you do. Manipulation, Yes I suppose it is. Tried the other methods in years past and lost every time.

Some things are a given, room size and speaker treatment, and both are usually encumbered by a number of unchangeable factors, to state the obvious.  Let’s just say do the best you can following some basic principles you can study up on elsewhere.

That said, pretty much like others have said where order is +/- individual experience.

1) speakers

2) amplification in terms of enough power for #1 to suit your needs 

3) quality of source regardless of type, disc player, streamer, TT, etc.

4) cables/ICs. Refuse to get sucked into this dialogue but suffice it to say it ain’t lamp cord or cheap ICs.  I’ve had a blast in the new old stock department with MIT and won’t ever bother changing those.  
5) Lastly, rigging a separate electric source and inexpensive Furman condition took the noise floor to zero (my ears weighted 😎)

The cost of all this depends on your ammo magazine.  If I was earning Bryce Harper/Juan Soto coinage, It would be a blast but again for my ear, not really necessary for hifi enjoyment. 

Never have seen such poor advice.  Take some time off and study the science.