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When are speakers considered Hi-Fi and not Mid-Fi???
Back in the day, a unified box consisting of a turntable, tuner and likely a couple of full range drivers was considered “hifi”. I’m sure many here recall the consoles of yesteryear  Like everything else in this hobby, hifi is whatever works for ... 
A ridiculously cheap cable riser.
Corner post electric insulators 100% ceramic at Tractor supply about $1 each. 0 conduction.   
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Owned: MIT AVT-1    
What does Nominal Impedance mean?
What Mapman said. he nails it.    
Beatles vs. Stones
Similar quandary as Duke vs. the Count in my mind, Not really apples to apples, all had different musical aspirations/goals I believe. Bottom line, it’s all good when played on hi hf! 😀  
Qobuz hell
Signed up Feb 24, after 4 days cancelled seemingly w/o issue.  Have the documentation for signup and cancel for cc company if ncessary. Not anticipating any issues. For me, too many annoying dropouts versus what I have experienced using Pandora P... 
Speaker Cable Recommendations - Under 2k
Someone mentioned “beefy”. DH Labs has a nice discount on the Q-10 Signature series (multi conductor 10 awg equivalent) thru February. Haven’t heard them but am interested for subs given my other positive experiences with DH in terms of high quali... 
Do You Play Or Save Your Best Cartridges
Save it 7ntil what, your hearing begins to degrade due to age? I’m with the gent that said “use it, then buy another” and in the camp of (loosely) “listen to the best regardless of mood”  
How long do speakers last?
Note on Millersound, you should contact Bill directly first as I believe he does not work on all brands and is pretty emphatic about it.  I live in close proximity and have used his services a few times. Does really nice work and might be able to ... 
Warm and accurate bookshelves that can handle volume
Might as well give the NHT Classic 3s a listen and yeah, JBL L Classics and perhaps HDI series. I would tend to agree with the gent about high quality amplification.   
Interesting situation! Do we need this....
+1 EPI 100s. Had a pair a lifetime ago that I loved. RBert, How did the new amp sound thru the KEFs? Just curious.  
How long does it take a decent quality speaker to "wear out"?
The ears usually wear out before the speakers do. Given some sonic degradation over time, it is likely so gradual to even be noticed, if at all, or subject to the “used to it” effect.  Playing or swapping out will produce sonic differences. Is the... 
Favourite Guitarists
“I’m more famous, Dickie is more talented”  
Cost break down of hifi system
Some things are a given, room size and speaker treatment, and both are usually encumbered by a number of unchangeable factors, to state the obvious.  Let’s just say do the best you can following some basic principles you can study up on elsewhere.... 
Vintage vs. New, Risk vs. Reward
<Appreciate your highs on this topic> Ooops, s/b insights obviously. Digging and appreciate the discussion thus far and pretty much aligns to my instincts. Been investigating those LS3/5As! Wondering what class the Benchmark is given the spe...