cost of Galibier or Redpoint motor

Anyone can give me an idea about how much Galibier and Redpoint turnatable motors cost?
Hello Maril555.

I'm not on forums these days, but this post was brought to my attention.

I realize that you're asking about a motor, and in the context of the legacy Galibier drive system, purchasing a Maxon A-max 110178 and implementing a simple voltage regulator circuit might make sense. There are any number of LM338T VR circuits available as a departure point for implementation - using the manufacturers' data sheets as a guide.

We're deep into the final stages of development of a new drive system (announcement in mid-Autumn), and in this context the controller can't be separated from the motor. The drive circuit is tightly integrated to the motor (and retrofittable to all Galibiers in the field).

The cost of any customized drive solution (either our legacy drive or our new one) depends on platter mass, diameter, platter height etc. and it's such that you'd walk away with a refurbished (trade-in) Serac for far less expense.

I know thou didn't ask this directly, but we're no longer upgrading turntables built by other manufacturers. It doesn't serve the customer financially, it diffuses our focus from both development and serving Galibier turntables customers.

Thom @ Galibier