Cost of state of the art?

Stereophile recommended.
S. Bach Cello Suites (Import 5LP Box Set) Justin Pearson, Pedro Silva & Katherine Rockhill.
Analog tape on R2R, AKG tube clones etc. Pressed at Optimal in Germany
Took a year to produce.
But The price! $690 + tax +s/h.
@bdp24 Yes. Thanks. I'm familiar with the Starker. I may go for the original Mercury some day. I'm not a fan of AS reissues finding them a little processed for my taste. I have an adequate Tortelier on HMV.
I have never understood the hype over the Starker discs.  I have the Speakers Corner reissues, and I greatly prefer the Pierre Fournier recordings on Archiv, both musically and sonically.