Counterfeit Buddaheads?

Anyone own the CD version of the Buddaheads Howlin' At The Moon?  

Track 1 on mine you can hear the stylus drop on the record and hear the typical clicks and pops of vinyl.  Very strange. I bought it on Ebay, so wouldn't surprise if it's counterfeit.
My wife thinks that's the case as well. That makes more sense than anything else, but still seems strange to me.  But that explanation fits better with the rest of the album (You can hear the clicks and pops between tracks 1 and 2 as well, but I didn't notice them anywhere else).
Just checked it out on Qobuz - definitely a deliberate effect.  Reminds me of when I still had a turntable, and all intros sounded like that!
Thanks, I just never heard of a recording adding  that sound. Cool that you compared  to Qobuz, I didn't  even  think of comparing to Tidal.