CounterPoint SA3000 Repair Technician

Hi All, I am the proud owner of a counterpoint SA3000 pre amp that is in need of repair it has one of the known issue problems (high voltage regulator fail) and it looks like Mike Elliot is no longer servicing them. Do any of you wonderful audiophiles know of a good tech that works on counterpoint equipment, I live in Bend Oregon, any help would be great, Thanks again.
Are you going to post this question everyday? Have you tried to google an electronic tech? I will recommend Bob Backert, but he's all the way on the east coast. I'm sure there is one closer to home, do a google search.
No I don't plan on posting my question everyday, sorry to offend, I thought I might have posted it in the wrong forum as it didn't show up in the pre amps/amps forum for many hours after the time given to post and yes I googled it and have tried to contact the new contact person on Altavista Audio site to see if they had any recommendations, I was hoping someone on this site might have insight to a good tech with a service manual for my sa3000, Thank you Jmcgrogan2 for the response I will contact Bob and see what he says, again sorry to offend.
No worries, I just noticed that you are new, and thought I'd let you know that this forum does not work like instant messaging or texting. Information takes time on these boards. You may find quicker replies at Audio Asylum.
Bob is more into circuit improvements and redesign, and I can vouch for his work, his ideas are supurbly executed and sound terrific. I don't know that he will be interested in just straight repair work, he does repair work on tube equipment for customers, but I don't know that he just wants to do repair work per se. It wouldn't hurt to ask him though.

I can drive to his house from mine. I just keep thinking that there has to be someone closer to you. There has to be a qualified electronic tech on the west coast somewhere. Hopefully someone else will chime in from the left coast with another option. Good luck.
That's what I like to see, the chickens coming home to roost after a long hard day of pecking.
I am in the sf bay area and can help. I rebuilt one and revived one with a missing transformer. Interesting project.
Mike's almost your next door neighbor. Here's his e-mail address:

and phone number: 1.541.848.7021.