Couple of Line Conditioners...

Hi - So have had my gear plugged into a Welborne Labs, Gatekeeper for a long time with really great results. PCs are Audience PowerCords all around into tube amp, tube pre and tube DAC. Streamer plugged into the Gatekeeper as well. Picked up a couple of PS Audio, Ultimate Outlets yesterday just to try and mix things up. Also have a PS Audio outlet in the wall and use an incredible Ventus Audio PC to connect the Gatekeeper and now the UOs. I’m kinda disappointed in the PS Audio units... they are the upgraded High Current models too. Guess my question is - anyone use one or both of these to connect their system? What were your findings. All pieces are over 10yrs old but they seem HQ and as I stated, the Gatekeeper has been a wonderful piece for a long time. - B



I generally hated plugging my amps into any PS Audio PowerPlant that owned. I’ve not tried the ultimate outlets. Usually plugging amps in would shrink the soundstage and brighten the sound. I prefer plugging the amp directly into the wall and see if you have better results. 

That said, If the items were purchased new, give it a week or two of runtime before evaluating. All power products require significant time for break in. I have had good experiences with their products as well, but just not with amps plugged in. 

I’ve since moved on to Synergistic Research which feels much more natural and able to handle my current needs as well. 

I once had an old PS Audio conditioner called the Quintessence and a couple of their in wall mini conditioners, don't remember the name of them. Didn't like any of them. I think the nickel plating and  the "high purity brass" used for the conductor material both are not desirable choices for a receptacle. The Maestro receptacle is made with a brass alloy and is popular. I have some of them along with some Oyaide R-0 all copper, un-plated receptacles that I'm happy with.

I had the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet and a PS AC outlet (in the wall) in my main system several years ago and never really heard any improvement. As blisshifi suggests give them some break-in time and then if you don't hear any improvement you know it's time to move on.

TY boys... so I had a Silver Circle, JuiceBox that I liked. I grabbed these PS Audio UOs to sort of replace that piece. I liked the Welborne better than the JB so sold it off. Will give these UOs a bit more time - see what happens.