Crash this site! Lets have some fun ....

Video uploads of drummers thy love. All musical genres welcome ....


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Stellar performances! Fabulous job keeping up with riches to rags similarities.

Checking vitals … yep, your heartbeat has rhythm ;-)

The Flatlined comment … so classic! 🤣😂🤣

@dabel here is another one of Japanese drumming. There is just something about their style of playing these drums that I find so intoxicating. 


Since the late 90’s I’ve been a retailer for Japan Woodworker, amongst various other specialty carpenter tools, and to say that the Japanese culture intrigues me would be a understatement. When I observe such performers I’m also inspired by the meticulous craftsmanship involved … in and of itself. That said, have I acquired what’s required to use some of these tools I sell … laughably.

One of my favorite pastimes, watching percussionists. Very much appreciate the uploads, highly intoxicating indeed.

As for Japanese vintage gear. Still possess three mid 70’s pieces that are in rotation every now and again. Fully functional, almost all original, and minty as they come. Not top tier for there time, but hey they’ll sing.

Et al … the onlookers, my apologies. Those videos were not intended for “amusement” if thought of in such way.

See ya around dropping those tracks femoore12 ;-)