Creek 4140 or Naim Nait 2 amp?

I was just reminiscing about choosing my first better sounding amplifier. The two on my short list were the Creek 4140 and the Naim Nait 2. I ended up choosing the Creek 4140 which I still use to this day, but think back every so often on what the Naim Nait 2 sounded like. I know the older Nait integrateds have quite a cult following these days, but I remember liking the fullness of the Creek's sound better than what I heard from the Nait.

For anyone that has listened to both Creek amplifiers from around the late-80s to mid-90s and the Naim Nait 2, how would you compare the sound of both? What is it about the Naim Nait amplifiers of that vintage that drawn such a following?