Creek 5350SE vs. Bryston B-60

Has anyone compared these integrated amps? Both have received great reviews, and they cost about the same. Stereophile rates the Creek class A and the Bryston class B, but the Bryston seems to offer a better upgrade path to be used in conjunction with their ST series amplifiers. I would be grateful for any insights as I live where I can not audition either of these prior to purchase.
What are you planning on using for speakers, sources, etc. What are your musical preferences? Although my initial inclination favors Bryston, it depends...don't ya just hate that. So tell us a little more (like, what is your room like, what's the budget, that kind of thing.

I have B&W DM604's and a CAL Ikon HDCD player. My listening room is about 20x30 with high ceilings and hardwood floors and therefore on the "lively" side. I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly jazz and rock. I am currently using a Son of Ampzilla (about 80w/channel)and an old SAE pre-amp, which I want to replace with an integrated for simplicity for around $1500.
The Bryston might be a better choice given you are already considering the dark side of upgrading...(use the B-60 as a preamp and get a 3B-ST) Both are nice amps - the Creek might be considered a little more laid back than the Bryston.There have been a few used B-60's on this site as of late and with the best transferable warranty in the biz you might score a good deal and if it doesn't work for you not lose too much on the resale...
Yeah, it's still the Bryston as better choice, but are there no integrateds you can audition? What made you pick these two? Anthemn is well liked, the YBA Integre has an excellent rep, Classe builds a decent integrated or two, and NAD has some good gear. Just wondering....

I live in a remote area where I have access to only a couple of audio dealers that mostly sell mass market equipment; however, I have been able to audition the Krell 300i, a NAD and an ARCAM integrated, none of which impressed me very much except for perhaps the Krell which even at recent discounts sells for more than I want to pay. The YBA Integre and Classe CAP 151 are also considerations, but again both appear to be selling for more than $1500 even used or as demos. I have heard and been impressed with Bryston components in the past, and their reliability and 20 year warranty are attractive attributes given my location. The Creek has received such favorable reviews recently that it seemed like it should also be given serious consideration, and it is in my price range. You have to narrow your choices somehow, so this is the logic (failed though it may be) that I have used. Thanks for the feedback.

I understand completely: outside the immediate environs of major cities, dealers do get mighty sparse. Put that way, grab you a Bryston and be very happy! And FWIW, I have owned and used NAD and Creek gear - at their price points they're excellent values, but when they try to compete with the big boys, IMHO, the big boys usually win.


Bryston definitely makes super gear with an unbeateable warranty. Given your description of room and speakers, however, I would be concerned about the Bryston's tendency toward brightness - - the B&W's are not known for being laid back and your room is highly reflective.

To my ears, the Creek has more finesse on the top end and may make for a better match. Another worthy Brit contender is the Musical Fidelity A300, which sells for exactly the same dough. Both the Creek and Musical Fidelity amps are available from with a 30 day trial period. I'd try both and keep the one that tickled my fancy.

If your heart says Bryston, then buy one used and resell it if it doesn't meet your needs. I've seen this amp recently for as little as $850 here on a-gon. Good luck.
Sorry for the follow-on, but another consideration is the sheer size of your room (20X30 with high ceilings). Regardless of how good they are, 60 watts are still only 60 watts.

The Creek does offer more power and the Musical Fidelity offers substantially more power. Given a predilection toward rock and jazz, do not underestimate your need for adequate power.
Both the Sim Audio Moon I5 integrated amp and the YBA integre DT sound much better than the Bryston or the Creek. I own a Sim Audio Moon I5 driving Spendor SP1/2 speakers and love it. Both of these amps are available for about $1,500 used.