Crossover builder

I have been using a pair of Monsoon audio FPF-1600 audio speakers for a couple of years now and love the sound which cant be beat for anywhere near the price. Monsoon has since discontinued building speakers, both audio and multimedia. I just aquired some computer transducers whic are identical to the ones used in my towers and would like to build a center and surrounds to match my mains. What I need is someone to build the nescassary crossover for the speakers for me. Any advise?
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There is a lot to read about building speakers.

Madisound will design a custom crossover for a given box size and known drivers. They'll even sell you an assembled PCB

Did you ever have any luck with your Monsoon center project? Just curious. I'm like you, we both want centers for our Monsoon's. I have modified FPF-1000's for fronts, and stock FPF-600 for surrounds. I have Monsoon PC planar drivers too, along with several different small woofers, and "plan" on building a matching center. I may pull and copy the crossover from my FPF-600's, and use that for the center. I also have a couple of old crossovers, from an Infinity Kappa 7.1 speaker. The crossover points should match the Monsoon drivers pretty well. Haven't decided if I want open or sealed planar mids. It may make for better dialog to seal the mids, and tweeter. Less smearing in the vocals, since there will be no rear wall reflection to worry about.

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