Crossoverless Speakers - Ultimate Solution ?

I have a pair of speakers which have NO crossover, except for a rather large Mundorf capacitor on the ribbon tweeter. The speaker up until last week contained a resister, but even that was removed by the manufacturer. Now the sound on this two-way horn loaded speaker with a custom made 8" woofer it really great. The speaker has a tremendous amount of detail, with NO hint of harshness what so ever.

The efficiency is around 96 dB with a minimum impedance of around 8 ohms (average is around 10 to 12 ohms).

In light of my current findings, is it possible for a conventional loudspeaker with crossovers, regardless of cost to have as much detail and air as what I'm finding.

I must say I've yet to hear a speaker retrieve as much detail without glare or the dreaded forward or treble emphasized tweeter tricking you into thinking there is more detail.

The down side to all this is obviously the lack of a good bottom end to help balance the speaker. A matching active sub-woofer would no doubt help in this regard.

Any thoughts ?
Clipsal - It seems that you already have your answer. Buy that sub and cross it over as low as you can.
Gallo speakers either have no crossover or for the reference 3.1 only has a high pass filter at 120HZ for the larger woofer.
Hi Clipsal- let me say your speakers look absolutely gorgeous.
I am a fan of crossover less speaker designs. I have seen the website and they claim a frequency down to 27hz. My crossover less speakers (Nagaoka BLH with Fostex 6" FE168Sigma)are about the same dimensions and do not go anywhere near that figure
(I would guess). Adding the sub would give that added oomph and depth, thats what I have done. They must have a very good to excellent WAF. Its another speaker to add to the 'must have a listen to' list.
Ps WHT have an even bigger version with 12" cone at a mind boggling $45000!