Cryoset online store - what happened?

The owner of Cryoset store, Ron Sheldon is not answering my emails. I have placed an order and again... no processing. He used to be a responsive person. What happened to him? illness?
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Sad. Thanks Elisabeth. I managed to place an order a few days ago, got a confirmation with order number....
Maybe someone took over the company, you know, if you got a confirmation no. He passed away a year ago.
I placed the order on 28 Oct 2019. Got a return email, the sender : Ron Sheldon, with order number....   Strange, scary..
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I put an order in October 31st. They took my money and that is it. No tubes, no response to three emails. Nothing. Going to talk to the bank.

I've no idea what happened but this is not a way to treat customers.
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The webpage is just that a Webpage . Ron Shelton passed away I was told ,which is Sad 
he was a very good guy and honest he would never try to rip anyone off.
just inquire through  your  bank or PayPal  . Show some respect.