Curious about Audio Horizons TP3.0 Tube DAC

Any feedback on this DAC from owners or those who auditioned?
Their preamp seems to be getting some great reviews on Audiogon. Wondering about the tube DAC (they also build a solid state DAC).
i had a chance to audition the dac, recently.

well, it sounds like a solid state dac without the usual transistor "edge", yet it uses 4 6 volt tubes.

mine had siemens tubes.

its presentation was not my cup of tea. why put tubes in a component if you don't hear the pleasant tube coloration(s) ?
I haven't heard the DAC, but I do know someone who owned both the SS and tubed DAC's from Audio Horizons. He preffered the SS DAC and sold the tubed version, which actually cost more....go figure.

A review of the TD 3.0 was published recently at Dagogo. com. Here is the page link:

The reviewer liked it a lot. I do, too. Read the review. I think it is a fair assessment of the product