Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)

I am on a long search for speakers and just curious what people think is the best value both new or used in speakers ranging from around $5000 to $15000? I have a set of Paradigm S8's (V1) and love them but looking for another set for another set in a different listening area (25 x 20?, maybe larger).  I love the full sound of JBL's and looking for something in that range (it also helps that JBL's seem to hold their value better than most, which will be a consideration). The only drawback to JBL is footprint.  I prefer a smaller footprint which is why after reading I hope to listen to several B&W 800 series but open to suggestions across the board.  used Watt Puppies? Revels?  I am curious about peoples experience with McIntosh XR100's. 
FYI, Stereophile recently reviewed the Paradigm 5F towers.  The reviewer compared them to his B&W 802D3s.  He really liked the 5F, but had to adjust their toe-in to keep the highs from being a bit bright.  Once that was done, he just raved about how they sounded.  Very tight and well defined.  Also very dynamic.  Perhaps not the speaker for one who likes highs a bit rolled off or an overly warm presentation. 
Since stereophile reviewers recommend everything they review I try and pay attention to the specifics they mention about a specific product that makes it stand out, in the case of the 5f the reviewer make considerable mention of brightness enough that if I had a room that was reflective at all I would disregard them. My room with carpet and heavy padding along with acoustic ceiling tiles in an 17x26 room they would probably sound great, wood floors and many windows probably not so much. 

 yes you have to carefully read between the lines for implied criticism. It might prove to be beyond your tolerance.

No such thing as a perfect review, you never see one. Besides this month’s flavours of the month will soon become also-rans as far as reviews go, or never mentioned again.

Agreed  @alanr123 regarding Focal. 
 I recently picked up a pair of the Kanta 3's (reference in the Kanta line) and they retail at $12K, but I got them for $9600. They are amazing with tube gear (Primaluna preamp and HP amp.) They are dynamic, one of the most open sounding pair of speakers I've ever heard regarding soundstage (huge!) fast, detailed, and DEEP bass response. I've never heard a pair of speakers that reproduced drums to the point of sounding scary good. Easy to drive yet take gobs of power. Beautiful midrange, detailed yet a bit less "in your face" than previous series. And no, they are NOT bright with the Berillium tweeters. The latest series has plenty of air and extension without being too bright. They've only been in the U.S. about six weeks, I'm still waiting for the reviews from major publications, but I didn't need to wait for those to know what I like.