Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)

I am on a long search for speakers and just curious what people think is the best value both new or used in speakers ranging from around $5000 to $15000? I have a set of Paradigm S8's (V1) and love them but looking for another set for another set in a different listening area (25 x 20?, maybe larger).  I love the full sound of JBL's and looking for something in that range (it also helps that JBL's seem to hold their value better than most, which will be a consideration). The only drawback to JBL is footprint.  I prefer a smaller footprint which is why after reading I hope to listen to several B&W 800 series but open to suggestions across the board.  used Watt Puppies? Revels?  I am curious about peoples experience with McIntosh XR100's. 
I agree with @grannyring I have the Tekton DI SE and love them. With you’re room size the Encore would be perfect.
Salk, downside is long wait times, but that’s because the finish is custom order, and super custom ones add on >$2500 to the cost (one demo model they were selling said they used >40 panels of the veneer to get the design mirrored both left/right and up/down. 

KEF, new R series look good, the Reference series is great.

Revel, unbelievably high praise from most everyone whose heard the new Beryillium line, and the Spinorama backs up the impressions.

I’ve heard the flagship B&W 800 model, it was mediocre, as in it didn’t sound bad, but it sounded average. Wilson is worse than B&W.

Dutch & Dutch 8c, most likely the best speaker hands down for the price, even compared to passive speakers, only limiting if you sit very far away and need super efficient speakers, and it doesn’t dig super deep but it allows a subwoofer add-on with crossover.

Awesome!  A ton of great suggestions that I never would have considered. 
  1. @mzkmxcv Your comments about B&W and Wilson are definitely noted and interesting.  The reason I was told to consider the 800 series is because I like to listen very loudly but have heard that the diamond tweeters are harsh and cause fatigue after a short while. 

Whoops, I must have hit the wrong button.  Also, I should add that I will be amping them with MC501's or an MC352.  

I did read that the Golden Ear Triton Ones were a great value. 

I would have never even looked at Tekton but now I have some field research to do!!
Paradigm Persona 3F, Spendor D-9, Harbeth HL-5, Aerial 7T, Magico A-3 and just above the 15K line Harbeth 40.2.
Priced at the low end of that range, it's gotta be the Magnepan MG3.7i, though that speaker may not please a lover of the JBL sound.
Without providing any specifics around sound or aesthetics preferences, if you're looking for just "value" I don't think you can beat Tekton Design.
But in general, in a thread like this most if not everyone will recommend what they own.
Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C60 used is a bargain and a great speaker. I don't own them, but have heard them and they are on my list.
Dang, those Wilson Benesch speakers are $30K speakers.  

Based on the reviews, I am definitely looking to try and find a set of Tekton's to see and listen to in person.   I don't think they are aesthetically displeasing at all.  They are just not exotic like most people would like when paying the amount of money you would spend to buy a small car for speakers for your home. 

I have a set of old Maggie's that I am using as rears on my Theater setup but would not mind hearing the 3.7's that I have been reading about. 
The Wilson Benesch are $30K new, but sell used for a price that fits in your budget. I have heard the Teton speakers and they are “good for the money”, FWIW.
You should find a speaker you personally love and then ask how much it costs. It is not a good value if you want to replace it a year later. 
markalarson , that sounds easy enough but some speakers are not in close enough proximity to listen to nor are they in a similar setup as mine necessarily.  I would have never known to consider several of these speakers without the suggestions put forward. 

BTW,  I totally and completely appreciate every and all suggestions recommended here!!
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Look at Stereophile’s measurements for Tekton. They are pretty neutral and have good imaging, they have a huge downside though due to the design, they have garbage vertical performance. I’m sure you’ve heard electrostatics like MartinLogan having a “pin needle sweet spot”, in that you have to be perfectly cemeteries for them to sound good, Tekton is the same way except in the vertical plane, so any amount of vertical head movement  (sitting upright vs slouched) is gonna change the sound by a good margin.
Okay, so now we are getting into something that is definitely important to me .....  sweet spot , sound stage , over all stereo sound envelope is important to me and willing to pay more for it.  I have always wondered why so many audiophiles were satisfied with tiny speakers on a pedestal that could only give you a full representation within a small window.  I want to fill as much of the room as possible.  I assumed that this was one of the reason's that people liked speakers like JBL , Tekton's , ect....  
I know the Maggies have a small sweet spot which is why I ruled them out from the beginning.  

mkzmxcv , I wonder if that would also be true for the larger Ulfberht's or Encore's? 
Ok. Joseph Audio Perspectives.

Also, think about going to an audio show. It will give you a good idea, but there are some bad set ups. An audio show also will dissuade you from purchasing some what may be your favorite pick based on suggestions colored by owner basis.
Stereophile has not measured or reviewed the DIs or the Encore. They both sound fantastic and must be heard. We listen with our ears not viewing graphs and numbers with our eyes. They really need to be heard in your space. I think they still offer a trial period should you decide to return. 
Spatial Audio Triode Masters, best speakers I have ever owned, and I have or owned most of the usual suspects. 
And definitely Not Goldenear References, I bought into the hype and got a pair, sound great, but not worth the $8500.
Spatial Triodes or Gallo Strada 2 with a pair of SVS SB16 is about as good as it gets at any price.

I see the same Tekton fanboys still pushing, give it a break please..its getting very old. Hes asking for best value of speakers up to 15k..Tekton doesnt even fall on a long list, let alone a short one.
Try to hear the Spendor D9 balanced top to bottom with excellent bass extension.
Like @missioncoonery I also recommend the Tektons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!!!
Definitely check out Legacy Audio, who offer three models in that range of prices:
Signature SE ~$7,500Focus SE ~$10,500Focus XD ~$12,500(has built in amp for bass section or whole unit)
All of these offer Air Motion tweeters and deep, prodigious bass.   And if you can find a used set of Aeris for ~$15,000, you'll have an awesome set of speakers.
I have several suggestions that I am interested in hearing and at the top that list so far based on what I have been reading is the Legacy Audio Aeris.  I don't like powered speakers but the comments on how much the room correction makes a difference intrigues me in a big way.  

The  Spatial Audio Triode Masters look interesting but I cannot get past the minimalist look of them.  Maybe I would if I heard them as looks are honestly down on the list of concerns. 

Can anyone speak to the size of the total sound envelope or active listening area of each of the speakers that you suggested? 
I recently wrote a review of 15 speakers, most in your target price area:

I would not agree with whoever said the B&W diamond tweeter is harsh: it is smooth as silk. I heard the 802D at a recent Hi-Fi show and it was the best at the show - a full, rich, natural sound. And great value at present due to the depreciation of sterling. I have a pair of 804D in my second system - but I would not recommend them for the size of your space as the sound is a little bass-shy in a big room.   The 802D is a different beast though. 

I agree with the Joseph recommendation. I heard them at the Munich hi-end show - fabulous sound.

After trying out 15 speakers, mostly on home demo, and with a budget similar to the top-end of yours, I ended up with Boenicke speakers - a mighty full and spacious sound from a relatively small cabinet. The W11 or W13 would work well given your room size. They have a beautiful way of delivering music, and they are incredibly musical. They render a tube-like quality to a SS amp. Also the speakers can be sited more widely than many, if you so desire, giving a very broad sweet spot, which may appeal to your circumstances.
To answer your question, I recommended the JA Perspectives because they have a small footprint and a wide dispersion pattern that stays fairly uniform off axis, which is why I think they continue to sound good outside the sweet spot. 

Are there other speaker characteristics that are important to you other than those you already mentioned?  If so that would be helpful to know, along with what type of amplifier you're planning to use if you have any preferences. 
MAGICO A3 great sound great price only $9800.00 a bargain jump on a pair asap.
Another vote for Tekton here. The Double Impact SE's or Encores would fill your room with wall to wall sound. My DI SE's disappear completely, are seamless from top to bottom with beautiful tone and texture, impressive dynamics and delicate detail. Yeah, I guess you could say I like them!

I've owned Vandersteens, Magnepan, Revels and Legacys.....all great speakers that I enjoyed immensely.....but my Tekton DI SE's have brought me the most musical enjoyment. Good luck in your search. 
If quite a few happy Tekton owners sharing their experiences with the OP in answer to his question constitutes taking over the thread be it. Might the thread and OP be better served with them giving suggestions as to which speaker offers the best value in the OP's price range? I guess they'd rather take over the thread with unhelpful comments 😉

I lost the thread (pun intended) long ago.  Are we talking about best bang for the buck, however that translates into speaker terms, or best speaker up to 15K, or speaker most matching OP's preferences, or what?

Certainly some speakers seem to give you a lot for what they are, and some others not so much.  Vandersteen would be in the first category.

I wanted to know what represents the absolute best speaker value in terms of sound (& resale) that fits in the $5k to $15K (actually more like $13K) category.  Soundstage (sound envelope) is very important also.  The footprint being smaller (max 16" x 16") but can be as tall as needed.  Technically the Tekton Ulfberht's and Legacy Audio Aeris fit into that category (but just barely).
Oh, and in case I didn't mention it they will be driven with MC501's or an MC352 with some version of Mac's tube pre. Currently I have a C48 that will likely be upgraded.  

Am I wrong to think that a larger speaker in most cases will have a larger soundstage filling the room with more listenable music? 

Tannoy dual concentric speakers in the Prestige series are best, but expensive. Look for used in your price range.

Vandersteen is good, but expensive. KEF LS-50 is nice for an inexpensive speaker. Neither of them is tube-friendly, though.

I've not heard Wilsons.

Salk and B&W are underwhelming IMHO, as are most others in the $5-15K price range. Problems are that they aren't time- and phase-coherent, which as a bare minimum is necessary. I always found B&W to sound boxy and congested.

I don't know if current JBL and Klipsch offerings are as good as the old stuff was, before these companies went mega-church.


Every blind demo I’ve found that included a Salk speaker has had Salk come out on top, even sighted ones I’ve found. Every single speaker they have mentions phase coherence, so I don’t see how you can make such a false claim,

If you want a wide sweet spot, then I agree that Ohm Walsh should be on your short list. Their flagship is <$12,000 in the veneer of your choosing, or they have one ready to sell (demo model I believe) for <$9000. However, contact them and give precise room dimensions, their higher priced models are usually made to work with larger rooms and wouldn’t work if your room is smaller, there usually isn’t a sound quality difference within the same model line.
mzkmxcv, Salk sounded congested to me, but YMMV. The cabinets finish was beautiful.