Curved front Pioneer units ever sold in the U.S.A.? Pioneer Elite SX-A6-J and others...

I was wondering if the curved front Pioneer models were ever sold in the U.S.?  And are the any good?

Pioneer Elite SX-A6-J
I have a Pioneer SX-A6-J but it's a receiver, not an SACD player. I bought it used some years ago and it's been primarily a back-up to other amps. It's an exceptionally well-built and good sounding piece with great reviews, especially at its price. It was originally sold in the U.S. No knowledge of an SACD player with that designation, though.
Thanks for your reply.  I had thought that there was the receiver and a matching cd player.  I have no idea if they are good sounding units.  I am a bit of a architecture, modern furniture,,,.etc. design person so the design of this Pioneer series had caught my eyes. 

Take care, Jim
I didn’t know about the SACD player but looked into it after I responded to your post. There was such a player, the model number was PD-D6-J and it matches the style of the receiver. The receiver I have is a beautiful design and looks much better than the pictures of it. It has a soft metallic sheen and is extremely well finished. It’s also extremely heavy, which I would guess means it has substantial transformers inside. If I could find one of the players I’d buy it to match my amp. Here’s one article about it.

There are a number of the players listed for sale on HiFiShark but none in the U.S.
Thanks sfar1, 

I will need to look into the voltages used in those countries to see if any are compatable....although it may be best to simply wait until some units come up for sale in Canada.  I have a decent system and these would be for use in a secondary space and I have always liked that looks as they are not simply black boxes. 

Take care, Jiom
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