Customer service

Ordered some 845 Psvane Acme 845 tubes from Grant Fidelity on Monday and received the tubes today paid extra $25 to expedite.It’s rare to see this kind of service, special thanks to Rachel, enjoy the holidays and stay safe
Not sure what’s exceptional?   You paid an extra $25 for expedited shipping which has nothing to do with the vendor.  Give praise to the shipping company when the whole world shipping stuff like crazy. 
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How do you like the Acme 845's and what did they replace in your amp?  I'm considering trying the Acme 805's and would likely get them through Grant as well.  I ordered a Psvane rectifier from them a few months ago w/o expedited shipping and it arrived in about 10 days.  I rarely have a "tube emergency" that requires paying $25 extra but it's nice that they offer the option.
Grant Fidelity is first class. Please let us know what you think of your new tubes.
3ez and Iwin I will keep you posted once I get about 50 hours on these new tubes. They replaced the stock tubes in my line magnetic 845 ia.Warmest regards