Cyrogenic treatment experience?

Shunyata uses it. Has anyone experience with treating a power cord?
The following are some of the cable companies using cryogenics these days.

Purist Audio (since 1995)
VH Audio
Jena Labs
Ultimate Cables
Revelation Audio Labs
JW Audio
Townsend Audio
Voodoo Cables
Blue Marble Audio Cables
Silversmith Audio
Have 2 differeent cords that were BOTH cryo treated. the immediate effect was (when inserted) was more than just noticable and the break in (if you will) was substantially reduced (This is ONLY MY OPINION) but the sound was very stable for the outset as opposed to a non-cryo'd piece.
Geoffkait thank you so much; provides opportunity for more research.
Rsjm80. Thank you for your results. They substantiate the research I've done. Reassuring.