I hope this question will allow everyone to have some fun. I have a pair of Focal Sopra 3 (I dont consider them bright, but just right), 2x REL S812 subs, and a Bryston 6bsst2 amp. I know it is a 3 channel amp. It was being used in my Movie Theater. Going forward I will be using it for a 2 channel system until I decide to buy mono blocks. This 2 channel system will only be streaming digital music, but might consider adding a photo stage later, so would like analogue inputs. The room is fully treated from 30hz on up, and is 16'w x 30'd x 10'h.  


I am looking for a Streamer/DAC/Preamp to run this system. I really do not want to add a computer to this system to run files through it. I prefer a plug and play solution. It can be one piece or 3 separates. I like a rich sound from top to bottom. I prefer a sound like Aretha Franklin over Allison Krause. I would like a big Soundstage. I also have 1 gig speed thriugh ethernet. The final item is the budget. I really like Value, so if you can come in below the budget it will be considered. $10-20k USD max. Will consider new and used.  I have considered T+A, Naim, Mola Mola, and some other manufacturers, but would like yalls input.


Let's Go!!!


Did you check out the SIMAUDIO NORTH line that just came out?

I have a 390 and have loved the integrated pre/streamer/dac! I run a room core in a different room but hard wired w Ethernet. Roon really works well in this type of setup.  Speakers are Dali Helicon 400mk2 and have some older Aragon monoblocks still.

I've been thinking about looking at the 791, though there is one below and one above that.

I've always thought the lumin stuff looked interesting, but have never heard it. 



Update:  purchased a Innuos Pulsar and sounds great.  The interface through Tidal is pretty good.


DAC:  I have access to purchase a Lampizator Baltic 3 or Atlantic TRP.  Are they both going to sound roughly the same, but the difference would be my ability to Tube roll and have more discretion on sound with the Atlantic TRP?  Or am I way off and one of those DACs are head and shoulders better?


PreAmp: waiting to buy DAC before picking a preamp.