DAC Under $3000

I am considering the purchase of a new DAC. Budget is no more than $3000. I lean towards clear, detailed sound with good separation. In the past I have had PS Audio Stellar, Benchmark, and Merason Frerot. I thought all were good, but not necessarily "special". Suggestions please. Thanks!


USA......Audio Mirror Toubadour.....R2R Dac with tube. If you want to listen to "music" and not "equipment".

The non-upsampling LAB12 DAC1 is a no brainer.  Read the reviews. Maybe a bit over 3K but well worth it!

Also a real beauty!


+1 Lab 12 reference DAC (bought Mint  6 mo used $1800) with 1960 French Phillips (Mazda, RT, Dario Miniwatt) e188cc tubes is fantastic.

+1 Also have a Black Ice Audio DSD Glass DAC with 1950 Rca 12AX7 Blackplate It is really good and plays way above its price and doesn’t get a lot of attention. Bought 3 years back $650.