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Qobuz vs. Tidal
I switched back to tidal from Qobuz because they dropped their price. I couldn’t be happier. Way more user friendly.   
Eric Carmen
Kind of agree with roxy but it’s always sad when someone passes. That song though did bum me out when I was in my young years.   
Handling Heavy Amps
By some Rowland class d monoblocks and call it a day. I have the old 501’s and they sound really good compared to my old class A krell.  I’m not lifting 100lb amps anymore. 37 yrs as a carpenter and though I’m strong , my back just can’t take awkw... 
Cornwall IV's with Accuphase E-650? good match?
A nice tube amp and you’ll be ecstatic.   
Power supply poll for Chord Qutest
I just plug mine in to a furman power conditioner. Maybe I’m missing something? Sounds great to me.   
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
Buying my music culture rl-21 loudspeakers. The guy I bought them off wanted to buy them back for more than I paid. They are sublime.   
New Phono Cart with Character Needed
Straight up good old ortofon black mm cartridge. Very dynamic and engaging.   
DAC upgrade
I’ve had the qutest for 4 yrs. Love it. You won’t be disappointed.   
Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?
I have a pioneer sx1250 that’s tuned into wxrt in Chicago all the time. That station still plays great music.   
Need a new integrated, what say you?
Go with a cayin h80a hybrid integrated. It’s pure class A up to 80wpc. It has 2 preamp tubes so easy to tailor the sound to your preference. I’ve heard one running 2 Uber high end focals and it was awesome. The best thing is you might be able to f... 
Integrated for TAD ME1: Luxman, Accuphase or Soulnote?
Pure class A with tad. They love current. Fantastic speakers.   
Klipsch Heresy vs Forte
Had them both. Forte is a much better speaker.   
Still looking for a new Moving Coil Cartridge
Ortofon black mm with that technics. You will be blown away.   
Why would someone feel the need to comment unpleasant things on sale posts
Bots creating chaos. Get used to it. Have thick skin.   
Sugden Amps
See if you can find a cayin h80a hybrid amp.  Yes it’s chifi but it’s very well built and only has 2 tubes in the preamp stage.  Probably won’t bust the pocket book used as well.