DAC1 Pre or DAC1 USB with Passive?

I would like to request opinions on my system configuration. I have an Adcom GFP-750 I use in passive mode and I am considering eliminating it from the chain and going to the DAC1 HDR. I know some will consider the Adcom sub par but believe be it is a very fine pre, especially in passive mode. The DAC1 converter seems to be considered one on the finest available but I would like feedback on the Pre function on the device. I have seen posts from some who love it and other who like it but still prefer a full function preamp in terms of SQ. I don't need anything other than an attenuator and a HT bypass. I would be using the analog input to perform the bypass function. I know it's not ideal since it's not a true bypass but it should suffice I believe. I would like the remote control feature of the HDR or I would consider going with the DAC1 USB and a quality A-B switch.
Thanks everyone, I’m looking forward to your opinions and thoughts.
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I had the DAC1 Pre for a while, nice unit, great DAC and an excellent preamp, it does only have ONE analog input though so it is limited in that regard, not sure if they modified that on the DAC1 HDR or not.
Thank you Bob & Kenny.
That's very helpful information. I originally was considering the new PerfectWave DAC but alas my financial situation will not permit it. 3K forthe base unit plus .5K for the bridge and an additional .4K for the NAS unit and I would be into it for almost 4K. Additionally the digital volume control, although great for most, will not work effectively in my situation. I have too much gain in my system and would need to turn it down too far causing loss in SQ. I'm sure the PerfectWave is fantastic so please don't take me wrong PS Audio fans, it just isn't a fit for me.
The Benchmark would probably suite me the best even though I would prefer a simple bypass over the analog in.
In my experience, the DAC1 (latest model but not the USB or Pre) used as a preamp was superior to my Reference Line Preeminence 1, Series II, one of the best passives ever made (maybe the best). That really surprised me, particularly since the DAC1 beat the Ref. Line in transparency, one the latter's outstanding attributes.

So, my Ref. Line will be up for sale soon. I expect I'll get the HDR also since I really need the analogue input for my tuner (right now I switch interconnects).

I'm also a big fan of the Benchmark.
Have only had a DAC-1 for the last six months - but it replaced a much appreciated EAD DSP-9000 Pro in my main system.Benchmark is very detailed and fatigue free . My only service problem was that it blew one fuse for no particular reason a few months ago - easy fix.
Benchmark the co. is also a pleasure to deal with - not a small detail IMO.
Thanks Dne & Stonedeaf

It's nice to hear about experience from another person with a passive preamp. It's a great gauge for me.

Is's also great to hear about the EAD comparison - that's a very nice DAC. The reliability report and comment regarding the fine quality of the company is also a great help and a nice insight to have.

I listed my GFP-750 on the 'bay' and now four others are out there. That's the 'bay for you. Just my luck ...
I don't know if I'll have any luck with the sale or not. I suppose I'll know in a few days. If there are any goners' out ther that want a deal on a GFP-750 this may be the time.