I'm trying to compile a list of DACs with firewire so I can start researching them. I'm looking for below $1,500 used.

Care to add any you know of?

Thanks in advance.
Be interested in seeing what you come up with. Please post here if you don't mid sharing or send it to me at my email

What are you hoping to do with this firewire DAC? Does it have to be firewire, or can it be USB? What's your application?
hey rsbeck, i was thinking if i used a hard drive with only firewire then i'd need a dac with firewire. Did i miss a step? Does the dac have to go back into the computer processor first?

I checked your computer audio system. Nice job. I was thinking of the apogee for the xlr and headphone out. my place is so small i can't really get hifi here unless using headphones. i have a pair of powered tannoy reveals i use for mixing so i would run the xlr outs to those and have a headphone amp in the apogee as well.

I was also looking at the Benchmark dac. similar to the apogee: xlr jacks, headphone, price.

Then i started looking at the tubed wavelength USB dac without any filters. no xlr so i'd have to figure out how to run that system...would cost a lot more because i'd need a preamp, amp setup and then perhaps another headphone amp. yikes.
Don't most hard drives have USB as well? Don't think I've seen a DAC with FW.