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My Four Favorite SS Amps
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Weiss 501 DAC
@mclinnguy it is a very good read, thank you!  
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@jjss49  Wondering if you’ve heard the new Weiss 204. If so, how does it compare to the 501?  
Weiss 501 DAC
@celtic66 thanks for your reply. I wouldn’t expect anyone would do what you describe. But I can think of a few reasonable scenarios that could shed light on my question. I suppose another angle on this is to wonder about the relative contribution ... 
Weiss 501 DAC
@adriaan ​​​​@celtic66 and anyone else, thoughts on whether the 50 NCF connectors  are essential with DPS-4.1 or if the regular 50 would do?  
SGC vs Roon Nucleus
I run an SGC i5 into an OpticalRendu. I’m curious to know how much sonic improvement, if any, I might get by moving to one of the fancier network transports, such products from Aurender or Lumin or Grimm, etc.   
RIP Stewart Chapman
So sorry to hear this.   
Dynaudio Heritage + Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe
@bluethinker — do they also need to be played at decent volume to sound any good? That was my experience with the Confidence C1 I had many years ago, but I have the impression that Dynaudio’s more recent stuff does better at lower volume than the ... 
"But it sounds better at night...."
An observation: my car stereo sounds better at night, too.  
You ended up with Ayre, what are your speakers?
Thank you again, hifivoice. Excellent information.  
You ended up with Ayre, what are your speakers?
Thank you very much, an excellent comparison. I see you joined AG just today, so some skepticism on my part, but still …  
You ended up with Ayre, what are your speakers?
Favresj and nrenter, have either of you heard an EX-8? Wondering if, apart from its digital functionality, is it sonically the equal of the AX-7?  
Hyperacusis. Looking for recommendations
I’ve been listening to the Peachtree GaN400 amp, which has an exceptionally low noise floor. Surprisingly, it is an excellent match with my Zu Omen Dirty Weekend speakers. The Zu has basically no crossover (just a single cap on the super tweeter).... 
American Audio
Check out https://americanmadeaudio.com/  
Roon - 10 Things You Don't Know
Thank you, Chris. The video Is excellent, I definitely learned some things.