Dahlquist DQ-10 fuse holders and other upgrades?

I am refurbishing my DQ-10s that have been in storage for about 25 years. Years ago I "modified" these great speakers with a mirror image, ribbons, new tweeters, felt, and cap upgrades. I'm re-foaming the woofers and plan on replacing the binding posts and fuse holders, but I can't find high quality panel mount fuse holders anywhere. Any suggestions, as this seems to be a weak link after upgrading cables, posts and everything else? Also please advise as to any other suggestions to properly bring these great speakers back to useful life in the Twenty-First century.
Remove the fuse. It's a relic from 20+ years ago that had it's place when speakers were inefficient, and underpowered amps were often driven into clipping which resulted in driver damage. If your amp is 100+ watts and you keep the SPL under 103 dB, the fuse is unnecessary. Dahlquist never published the sensitivity for the DQ-10s, but it's speculated to be about 85 dB.

You should check out the Dahlquist group over at Yahoo. A lot of good folks there that are willing to help:


Best of luck!
Keep in mind that the new foam surrounds take a while to break in causing different bass (plus other?) characteristics
Yep, Mingles is right on. Back in the day, I inserted Fulton Brown copper wire sections in place of the fuses, which yielded a modicum of improvement in sound. I used a 250W per channel amp , and I cranked them up quite a bit without problem. I'm sure that today you can find even better fuse-bypassing options.