Dali, Amphion, Zu

Seriously considering Dali IKON6 vs Amphion Athene2 vs Zu Druids. Any thoughts from anyone who has heard these loudspeakers?
Thanks for your remarks. I consider myself verifiable in a number of areas and actually can "hear" as well. Of course in other areas I might even be considered certifiable. Its amazing how strongly Zu seems to polarize thoughts impressions and feelings. Someone locally who went to the latest CES heard the Druids and came away not being overly impressed. He is actually someone's opinion I value as being fair and a straightshooter. I also know listening environs at shows are not always the best. Perhaps the speakers werent fully broken in . I tend however to form my own opinions at the end of the day. Thanks again. Hard to break away from my planars.
I just bought Dali 6. Big soundstage, natural, sounding speakers. It needs 60 ours to brake in.
Probably this is the best speakers for the money.
They sound better then my previous Dynaudio, s52(special edition), and B&W 805s.

Were the Dali 6 speakers you purchased the IKONs? If you did any comparison listening with other speakers, would you mind sharing your opinion on how each of those compared?

Yes I bought Dali Ikon 6 from dealer in California.

I use to have Dynaudio 52S and before that I had B&W 805.

805 was too dry. Dynaudio was very good and more musical.

The Dali Ikon 6 is the same price and is easier to drive has more base(tighter), more air and overall the sound is real and plesure to listen. You should check it.
According two a dealer in Los Angeles who has 35 years in the audio video business Dali speakers are the best in the world for the money. And I agree with him. They are not popular in USA but in Europe are a big name.

Does the Dali Ikon 6 sound okay with a solid state amp? I have an NAD C372 integrated. Also, can someone who has one tell me how much you paid for it? Thanks in advance.