Amphion Loudspeakers

Has anyone heard these? Is there a distributer in the United States. Reviews in Sounstage and Audiophilia suggest these are pretty special speakers for the money.
From an expert at
"Amphion is distributed in the US by:
9108 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON
Phone: (905) 886-7810"

I wish if they and other manufacturers are going to offer a selling point/theory - UDD? in this case - that the site would explain it more fully.

They do look nice. Some people rave, not Sensible Sound in their kind of one-off sounding HE 2002 coverage, (which also dismissed the Swifts).
I auditioned the argon 2's in cherry at a local dealer in the Boston area.They were there on loan from the dist.
I ended up buying them.
I drive them with a audiomat prelude 30 wpc tube intergrated and use a vbt alpha dx bass extention unit.
The soundstage review is right on.They are a combination of detailed and musical.
They are not room fussey as I have them in a 22x22 room.
The build quality is excellent.
Hope this helps,
I own the Amphion Xenon in black finish...full range ..floor standing.. Very impressive and stylish look and refinely built. Sound wise I am so impressed..the voice accuracy..the timber...Not room fusy at all as the manufacturers claim( 15x12). I intend to enjoy them for quite a while. Bought from a dealer in New York
I heard a pair of Xenons...they were a bit boxy sounding (last thing I would have expected, given the special cardioid radiation patterns that the manufacturer touts) and not all that impressive in the treble. Maybe it was the dealer's setup, but I'm not interested in them anymore.

I hear that Amphion will be coming out with a new top of the line Krypton speaker.
Because I have been looking for speakers so long, and still believe I may find a hi-end speaker that is truly unique looking and great sounding, that this type of post is irritating. If these speakers are so great why have they not entered the mainstream competition with other hi-end speakers?? There was a thread I started several weeks ago,asking about Gradient speakers which seem to be another one of those "wondrous" and "lost" companies that are going to break onto the hi-end scene like an erupting volcano.If you review the drivers used by Amphion, they are standard polyprolene units, and so you have another speaker that sounds like Mission, Energy, Verity, Paradign----all good companies, but many have the same sonic signature. So let's get a grip when we intend to announce another "breakthrough" product on the audio market. Visibility and credibility count for something in this business.


Hello, I just must comment on Sunnyjim's evaluation of speakers in his post he says ''and so you have another speaker that sounds like Mission, Energy, Verity, Paradign'' ...I almost chocked reading this. Sorry to deceive you Jim, but Verity is in a class way above Mission, Energy and Paradigm. These last 3 manufacturers are mid-fi border high-end and somewhat generic, having the same ''National Reseach Council of Canada sound''

Verity is a true high-ender. Maybe you were reffering to the lowest priced Verity Audio Tamino, but it's still a ''baby BENZ'' where even the flagship products of Para, Energy and Mission will always point to a Chevrolet. Another point on which I am very strongly in disagreement here. Wide distribution does not necessarily equate quality. There are DOZENS of speaker manufacturers that beat the pants off the the ProAc's of the audio world. Unfortunately,sometimes the talent of the engineers and artisans, are not matched buy their talent in marketing or setting up nationwide distribution network, nor do they have a large bank account.
Verity Audio, to name one, was still (and still is today) a relative obscure manufacturer even 4 years ago, even though their Parsifal speaker was used by Keith Jarret, David Chesky, and won best high-end speaker in Germany, and won best sound at show at the Montreal annual gathering.
"If you review the drivers used by Amphion, they are standard polyprolene units, and so you have another speaker that sounds like Mission, Energy, Verity, Paradign..."

Rrrright. =)

Anyways, my Argon2 sound nice. Krypton is amazing(should be! It costs ~10000 euro).
check out and the new review on the helium at .hope that help