Has anyone seen or heard the Dali IKON line of speakers?

Does anyone know the MSRP for the various IKON models?

I came upon these the other day while casually perusing the Dali web site. What caught my attention is they have a similar tweeter system as the Helicons, dome and ribbon, but have a slightly higher sensitivity and what appears to be a noticeably lower cost. This makes them more attractive to me than the Helicons for a 7.1 HT system where cost is a consideration.

Heard Ikon 6 breaking in at Audible Arts in San Jose. Did not have my own music, but the jazz sounded great. Very wide dispersion. Source was a Benchmark DAC. Unfamiliar with the the amp (very expensive tube integrated). Fellow running the shop was in other listening room, so I did not get to ask many questions. They also have the NHT XD system, which was in the busy listening room. I am going back . . .
The dali ikon 6 that won an award in what hifi mag retails for $1699 i was told by dali out washington state.