Daruma II Isolation Update

Fellow members please give these a try under CDP if you have not yet gotten into bearing isolation yet. Worth having a set to experiment with even if you don't end up using, at $95 set they are affordable.

I have found nothing better than bearing isolation for CDP/transport at "reasonable" price levels. Tonal shifting is close to nuetral, sound remains natural yet more detailed with enhanced 3D effects. When you stop to think about it a perfect bearing is like two cones back to back
only two points in contact but allowing free horizontal float ideally suited for rotational vibrations found in CDP.

Daruma II are very inexpensive way to get started, member DK405 is selling them for $95 set of three in the "tweak" section. Materials and tolerances are lower quality than Aurios MIB or RollerBlocks but Darumas provide about 75% of their improvement for much lower price.

As a bonus Darumas are easier to set up than original Aurios, perfect level and cable issues are more forgiving. However as with all bearings, stiff cables will hinder/prevent free floating of CDP which is needed.

One tip for use of Darumas, I find they sound best when disc
half that has depression for bearing rests on shelf. No instructions are provided with Darumas. Would like to hear other members experiences.
JD bearing is slightly smaller than rollerblock bearing, and the tolerances are lower, no mirror polished surfaces etc. Darumas look like Aurios cookie with two halves, but only a single bearing is used.

If you go to add in tweak section, member DK405 has link to
site with pictures of darumas.