Db Power Amp - is there a better ripper out there?

I had been using iTunes to rip for a long while but on those occasions when it failed I turned to MAX.

Then I heard about DB Ripper and the albums I've ripped so far have significantly better SQ than either iTunes or MAX

I also noticed the file sizes are larger with db poweramp.

Am I correct in assuming this is because all the data is now there?

Or is db poweramp augmenting the data?

So, if you know of better ripping software please post it here

Thanks in advance
I'm not at home to check but if there is an error log check that to see if more information on what happens at the time a failure occurs.

Also can't hurt to reboot the computer just to make sure everything is running clean.
Also maybe make sure itunes is not running if dbpoweramp is putting files in directories it normally uses.
Not to say anyone else is wrong, but I've never had a problem using WMP ripping WAV and it sounds great.
Wildoats - it would appear that WMP does a very good job of ripping WAV
- I ripped one of my more detailed albums to WAV and I could not tell any difference between that and the same album ripped to AIF using dbPoweramp
- FYI both rips were performed on the same computer and then loaded into iTunes.

However - the one nice thing about dbPoweramp is, it notifies you when ripping problems occur and the severity of the problem by track.

I'm not sure if that feature is available with WMP.

wmp does fine for .wav. Used it for years before switching to FLAC and DBPamp for more flexibility with tagging, which adds a lot to the overall experience. I converted all my old .wav files to FLAC and my library is very clean now.

The only problem (avoidable) I had at first with windows media player was when it was set to start ripping automatically and it did so prior to having the metadata for the tagging ready resulting in many track 1s with missing "tags". Live and learn. Even when done right with .wav at rip time, the tagging capabilities of .wav are inherently much inferior to FLAC done well.