DBX Venu 360

I recently incorporated a DBX Venu 360 into my system. I tried the deqx premate plus, but it didn’t give me what I was after. Using the dbx unit has solved all my problems and aspirations.  It has just about every configuration one could imagine.  I have just touched the surface of its capabilities and am learning more each time I sit down to listen.  It’s done a great job of mixing my dual subs, as well as offering delays for my main speakers, to compensate for the disparity between main speakers and subs.  For years I had a problem playing vinyl, due to low frequency feedback into my TT.  No more. I have pretty much unlimited control over my mains and subs frequency output and mixing the two.  I can play my vinyl so loud I can’t stand it, without having any feed back into my TT.  It has a subharmonic synthesizer, that make the deep bass really put out, without any concerns of TT rumble   One of my Fathom 113’s sits about 3 feet away and still have no issues with rumble.  It is also connected to  to a modem, so I can control every setting with my laptop or iPad.  Using both a parametric eq, as well as a graphic eq, I can set the frequencies to my liking all done remotely.   I have just begun to delve into its full potential and have miles to go to realize it’s full potential.  You can separate each main speaker from the subs and adjust each to your liking.  Before I always had a problem with TT rumble, but I can play it to 90 dB without any rumble issues.  I can’t praise th Is unit enough.  I’m running a VPI scoutmaster with a Dynavector DRT XV1s through my VPI and a Koetsu Urushi Black with my Pioneer PL-71. They both feed into an  Aesthetix Rhea Signature, then go to my Theta Casablanca III, then to two Krell EV-600s and eventually to my Wilson Maxx IIs. I have two JL Fathom 113s, with the auto calibration function defeated.  I can’t hardly wait, to play each CD and LP through it.  It really brings the sound together.  I’m really satisfied with its performance and will suggest it to anyone, who wants  greater control over your mains and subs.