DCS Puccini internal wire 'upgrade'

As strange as it may sounds, I know a guy who has changed the internal flat  cable of Puccini (it goes from ring dac to back plate, some 14m of it) , with  Neotech PC-OCC solid core silver wire.
His argument is that wire used by DCS is nothing more than industrial PATA cable and that is an IC basically (and quite poor)
Last couple of weeks we have an ongoing discussion about it on our domestic forum.
Aldo I own Puccini myself I have no intention in doing something like that (the original flat cable could be put back if needed),but I am curious about wider thoughts of such doing.
Is that example of thinking outside of box or pure madness?
Any thoughts, experience with similar projects, or better, actual knowledge would be appreciated?
Thank you
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Madness?  Many modifiers have replaced wire inside components with more "audiophile-approved" wire.  The problem is, you never know if you are going to prefer the sound to what's already in there.  If your friend thinks it sounds better, good for him.  I wouldn't give it much thought myself.  
I would'nt modify any wiring inside components unless it's very poor quality but I have changed speaker internal wiring with good results.

Well DCS does not use any audiophile parts in their DACs.  Most of the parts can be found pretty cheap. Their Motherboards are engineered well. But the parts used are nothing special.
Still.  Unless you're never planning on reselling it and know that you'll like the change, that's not a good idea.
Our local dealer hosted the presentation of DCS and the guy came from factory to talk about it. In some informal conversation, he said, that basically, they can 'tailor' the sound via software how they please, or how the trends or market demands it. Looking at the photos of other players in that price range, man can see that some of them are using the same cables for internal wireing.So, having that in mind, I doubt that they made a overlook regarding quality of parts inside it. Than again, if somebody do not like that sound, there are other models and companies to choose from. Still, I was curious if anybody else have tried such thing and what the results may sound like