dCS Rossini vs. Berkeley Reference dac 2

Has anyone compared the two?  I have heard the Rossini side-by-side with the Berkeley Ref. dac 1.  Long story short, the Rossini justified its higher price.  I'm now wondering if Berkeley's second try has narrowed the gap? Meanwhile, kudos to both dCS and Berkeley for striving to provide upgradeable products.
Having just bought a Rossini, I may be biased, but the Rossini is a very nice piece. In my system, the Rossini replaced a Meridian 808.5. While not inexpensive by any measure, the Rossini sounded better than any digital front-end I've listened to. The volume control is very good and makes the decision to go direct to the power amp easy. 
Thanks, still hoping someone will chime in who has heard both in credible "A/B" fashion.  But congrats on your Rossini.  I have to say, I have heard the Vivaldi (all things equal) with and without a preamp.  While it's true that a 32-bit attenuator should bridge the gap between digital and analog volume control, the Vivaldi with high quality preamp bettered direct-to-amp by a sizable margin.  Not even close!  That said, the preamp in this case cost more than the Rossini!  But whatever works.  Enjoy, you have a great product.  D