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dCS Rossini vs. Berkeley Reference dac 2
Thanks, Aldenberry.  Good luck in your research. 
Synergistic Research Powercell 12UEF
+1 for David Weinhart.  Have dealt with him for 15 years or more and have nothing but positive things to say.   
dCS Rossini vs. Berkeley Reference dac 2
Having just bought a Rossini, I may be biased, but the Rossini is a very nice piece. In my system, the Rossini replaced a Meridian 808.5. While not inexpensive by any measure, the Rossini sounded better than any digital front-end I've listened to.... 
Synergitsic Research Elements or Shunyata Ztron?
So, I have to amend my previous post. I recently picked up a black mamba cx for my family room system and, before I knew it, I replaced all the power cables with shunyata products. In fact, I am doing the unthinkable and considering replacing my s... 
Synergitsic Research Elements or Shunyata Ztron?
I use SR products exclusively throughout my 2 channel system. More specifically, I use element Tungsten interconnects and speaker cables, Hologram A & D power cables, the USB Active USB cable, and Powercell 4 SE. I must say that my system has ... 
Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables
I currently am auditioning the Tungsten and Copper Element interconnects in my system. Both cables are wonderful, though the Tungsten, at least in my system, is on a different plane from a performance perspective. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
The best speaker I've heard, and the reason I got into this ridiculous hobby, was the Avanti II from Audio Physics. I demo'd the speaker using a cd that I had dozens of times and, in fact, was listening to in the car on the ride to the store. Hear... 
Speaker audition: a novice’s journey
I only would add that, when it comes to speaker placement, few people are as knowledgable as Graham. Regardless of which speakers we end up buying, I will pay Graham to come to our home to help ensure that we realize the value of our investment by... 
Using XLR to RCA adapters on High Quality Cables?
I think you will realize some increase in performance, but not the full potential in the change in cables. In my opinion, xlr connections are the best at reducing the noise floor and using adapters limits the capabilities of the cables. Nonetheles... 
Speaker audition: a novice’s journey
For what is worth, we auditioned the Leonore at a dealer in Atlanta. Overall, I was very impressed by certain aspects of the speaker's performance, plus the appearance and finish of the speaker is quite striking. They really look like a piece of f... 
Wadia 581 SE vs 781
I would stick with the 581 as I don't think the difference in sound quality is worth the cost differential. As an alternative, you may want to consider sending the 581 to Steve at Great Northern. He will have your 581 outperforming a stock 781 for... 
Sophia 2 with Plinius?
I also recommend the BAT/Sophia combination. Budget permitting, I would go for the additional power. 
Amplifier for Audio Physics Virgo II
We used a variety of amps with ours. However, I was most pleased with the Pass X-150.5 and BAT VK-250 (????). Both amps worked well. However, most people likely will suggest a tubed amp. Not being a tube guy, I can't comment on that. 
Stand-by on Mark Levinson products
I also leave my 432 in standby. 
Amp for Virgo III's
I have been very happy using the ML 432 with the Virgo IIIs. However, the 432 takes a long time to break, but the power really brings out the dynamics in the speaker.