Dealers with excellent listening rooms?

Hi everyone,

Not looking to buy but was thinking that it has been a very long time since I heard excellent gear in an excellent room. Outside of regional shows, where do you go to hear things in a post Amazon, post covid-19 world?


I have a slightly different take.

”The Listening Room” in Chestertown MD is an old school record shop and HiFi dealer.  The room that I auditioned speakers was not a sparse, conditioned room.  However I had the best time there because you could listen in nearfield (or close to it). Michael (the one man shop dealer) would bring in different speakers, place them out in the room and we could adjust position and seating. He sat with me for 2-3 hours! Listening to different amp/ speakers combinations.  He carries many brands (had like 8 rooms at recent capital audio fest), but it was the personal attention, no pressure method that was awesome.  I ended up buying a pair of Magnepan 0.7s on the spot.  They actually serve most of the east coast.


if you are around DC, Baltimore or Philly, it’s worth a trip to this quaint college town and a hidden audio gem. (I am not affiliated with them, just love what they do)

They're probably long gone, but Imperial Sound in Tulsa, OK in 1983 was great. They asked what gear I wanted to audition, then told me to pick some albums off the MoFi rack to listen to. They moved a Tandberg stack, a pair of ADS L1530 speakers, a Nakamichi ZX9 and a Yamaha PX-2 in to their listening room-while I waited. When I was ready they made sure I was up to speed on the gear, then left me alone. I spent a couple hours in there.

 Turned out to be a good investment for them. I wrote one of the biggest checks of my life that day, bought everything, including the albums. LOL

Qudos and Strong Agreement with Quintessence in Morton Grove, as well as Audio Salon in South Florida.

My personal in-house favorite is Salon 1 Audio (Eric) in Ormond Beach Florida.

If you can come to Florida, come in February on the 16 - 18 to attend the Florida International Audio Expo. 15 Hotel Floors of Exhibitors for 3 days. Since 2019, and growing every year! Lots to listen to!

Seems mostly like east coast suggestions. Bummer, I’m on the west coast. I’ve demoed brick and mortar shops in the SF Bay Area, the LA area, and at several audio shows.  I have also been to the Magico factory demo.  I’m curious if I’ve missed anything by not demoing other excellent sounding systems.

Initially getting into this hobby, I wanted to demo the best systems I could, then try to closely replicate the sonics within my budget.  

Definitive Audio in Bellevue, Washington has a couple of well set up rooms.  But I'm looking forward next weekend to going for the first time to Shibuya HiFi - a Japanese style listening lounge in Seattle.  They have a few rooms, and I believe the room I'll be listening to John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" in is the one with a vintage (1970's) pair of Klipschorns driven by either Luxman or Marantz electronics.