Dealers with excellent listening rooms?

Hi everyone,

Not looking to buy but was thinking that it has been a very long time since I heard excellent gear in an excellent room. Outside of regional shows, where do you go to hear things in a post Amazon, post covid-19 world?


Definitive Audio in Bellevue, Washington has a couple of well set up rooms.  But I'm looking forward next weekend to going for the first time to Shibuya HiFi - a Japanese style listening lounge in Seattle.  They have a few rooms, and I believe the room I'll be listening to John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" in is the one with a vintage (1970's) pair of Klipschorns driven by either Luxman or Marantz electronics.

Suncoast Audio here in Sarasota has an excellent room and some stunning gear including Magico, Audio Research, B&W, and many other even more expensive brands.  Mike and his folks are excellent to deal with.

HiFi Buys in Atlanta has several excellent listening rooms featuring gear producing outstanding sound.

The Sound Advantage in Rochester Mi. does a nice job. One thing I find odd is that most audiophile types claim vinyl is so much better but high end dealers rarely show their systems by playing a record.


yes, that is my room. I had no idea it was being used on the millercarbon site. All the photos on the Rhapsody page are just from me and my iphone camera, though not the one on the millercarbon site. You will see some of my images on different sites and I’m flattered they’re chosen though I could probably claim some copyright if I were that kind of guy (i’m not.) thanks for the kind words.


I’ve been to the dealers in Portland you mention. All three have listening spaces to audition gear. There is a big difference in “sufficient” to get the “essence” of equipment and optimized to hear equipment at its very best. I invite you to come have a listen at my space just outside Portland in Oregon City and hear the difference. I promise it doesn’t suck! If you’re a member of the Portland Audio Club you’l” see I host listening events several times / year.


I used to be a customer of Definitive, bought ARC and Wilson from them in the past. Their’ rep often told me how many ways those rooms were sonically compromised. Still, in most cases sitting relatively near-field in those rooms you’d get good sound. For brink n mortar (and within the scope of their brand offerings) Definitive is a great outfit. If you find yourself in Portland and care to hear something different I welcome you to visit.