Decent 6-8ft phono cable advice needed.

I know this is a loaded question but I’m looking for a decent 6-8ft cable to connect an inexpensive turntable to my HT/family room system. I’ll probably upgrade the turntable later if the family starts digging the whole vinyl thing more. I know I do now but this is our HT/family room setup so I’m easing it in. I’ve had good success with Blue Jeans cables for other applications in the past for value/performance and am wondering if I should go that route? Do I just need standard RCA cables or should I look for more insulation/etc. because of the length I need and proximity of other equipment? If it matters, I’ll be connecting to a Yamaha 1060 AV receiver with a Parasound Halo A23 via Belden 8402 cables, driving my older KEF Reference Model Two mains. I realize shorter is better but I can’t shorten the length I need for this application.

Thanks for any input.
This is a good option for such a long phono cable:

Choose the length and connectors you need, then maybe you will buy speaker cables or interconnect from this brand. They are all reasonably priced! And they are all silver. 

You can also search for Zu Audio Mission Phono copper cables on ebay, but i don’t think you can buy longer than 1,2 m. Great cable and the price is very low since the Mission MKII was introduced (for much higher price). Zu auctioning them, you can buy for $80 if you’re lucky.

Thanks for the input,

I was looking at Signal Cable. Good quality cable that I could grow my new analog family push with as I get a better turntable next. I know my equipment isn’t the best but it’s fun to tinker and upgrade as I go. So since I need about 6ft (don’t think now I’ll need 8ft), what type of Signal Cable should I look at in terms of having enough shielding? Am I pushing it with needing this much length?

Thanks again.
I’ll need 8ft), what type of Signal Cable should I look at in terms of having enough shielding?

You can order RCA to RCA Phono
Or DIN to RCA Phono

All phono cables are shielded, i gave you the link to the Phono (Shielded) cables only:

You can ask Frank about everything, he used to post on audiogon too, i think the difference is capacitance of the cable if the length is longer. The standard for phono cables is 1 - 1.2 meters, some people use shorter, some people use longer. You are not asking for extremely long cable, but just a bit longer than standard. If you need 6ft it’s about 1.8 m., so i think it is not a problem. If you use MM cartridge you can summarise the capacitance of all the cables from the cartridge pit to phono preamp, then you can look for the recommended capacitance in the documents for your cartridge (MM). But anyway all good phono cables are low capacitance, you can ask the manufacturer. 

If you will search audiogon about Signal Cable Silver Resolution you will find some nice feedbacks. I’m sure it will be hard to find anything better at this price, but you can find worst cables for much higher price for sure.
You're welcome
Repost back when you will install it in your system 

I will follow-up. I’m not sure how much input I can have as I don’t have anything to compare to. I’m still wondering about the Bluejeans LC-1 as a stepping stone? It’s a third of the cost of the SC but again, the SC will leave me room to grow a bit and not have to change there.

Now, I’m off to find a good cost effective base/isolation. :)

Thanks again!
This is way too long of a cable. It will never work properly. I recommend you reposition your system.
Do I just need standard RCA cables or should I look for more insulation/etc.
3-6 feet should be an acceptable range.  Beyond that,  you could experience some degradation. 

If you plan on installing the cable in-wall it should be insulated.
If you wanted you could always add a phono preamp at the table location and have the 8' run be at line level.
Thanks everyone. The separate preamp at the turntable location could be a possibility as I grow into better quality. So that will be fine at that length with quality cable at line level? After adjusting placement a bit and measuring again, the most I would need is max 5ft, maybe 4.
I can second the DH Labs recommendation, very reasonably priced as well for the quality.
And I do not see 4, 5 or even 6ft as being a huge issue, but the shorter you can make it the less likely you are not to have any signal issues.

I have DH Labs T-14 running to my KEFs (center and bi-wired mains) and Silver Sonic to my HSU sub. Good stuff, I agree.

I also have an extra 5ft pair of Belden 8402 cabes w/nickel-gold Switchcraft connectors. Is that a good route?
I am by no means an expert in this topic. but did have the same problem in my second system and needed an 8' run.  I spoke to folks at BJC and they assured me the LC1 would be fine for this.  When it arrived I a/b'd it to my VPI phono cable, placing the TT in a temporary location to allow the shorter run. My phono preamp is built into my integrated amp (Marantz PM-11S3).  I could not hear any difference between the 3' VPI cable and the 8' BJC LC1 cable. TT is Music Hall MMF-7.1 with Clearaudio Virtuoso V2 cart.
I just replaced both my phono cables with Blue Jeans LC-1s, one of 1 meter, the other of two meters. They are very low capacitance and are very very quiet and sound great. My other phono cables that these replace are a 1 meter VPI and a 1 meter Harmonic Technologies silver. The 1 meter Blue Jeans cable connects my VPI Aries 2 with a Lyra Delos and the 2 meter connects my Technics SL1200GR with various carts (right now a Nagaoka MP110); both tables to a Manley Steelhead. A price mismatch, heck yeah, but tonally aligned and my tables/carts have NEVER sounded better.

Go for 2 meters, you will be happy.
Thanks again for the advice everyone,

It looks like I got the length needed down to 4ft so it sounds like I should be good there. I’m going to start with 4ft of BJ LC-1. I’ve got a ton of extra decent interconnects (AQ, Kimber, 8402, etc.) and I can play around with them too to see if I notice any difference. I’m going with a granite slab base on Virbrapods/Sorbothane for isolation and will tweak it from there as (if) I move up to a better turntable.

My turntable (Audio-Technica AT_LP120) has a built-in switchable phono preamp. Should I use it or the phono in my Yamaha 1060?

I’m hoping to jump up to a better $700ish new/used turntable (Rega P3?) soon if the bug catches on with the family. Maybe squeeze a better external phono preamp in later too.
Belden 1800F with KLEI Absolute Harmony RCA
For $700 look for a used DD like Denon DP-57M, Pioneer PL-L1000, etc.
In terms of isolation, I also use 4 vibrapods underneath a 1 3/4" thick maple cutting board I bought on Amazon for $25. Very heavy and did the trick for little expense.