Definition of "too Hi-Fi"

On numerous occasions others have described a speaker (or other component) as sounding “too Hi-Fi.” What does this mean? Isn't that exactly the goal? Doesn't High Fidelity mean faithful to the original, i.e., sounds like live music, live instruments, or a fool the ear impression of “I'm there,” or “they're here?” It seems contradictory to criticize something for being too close to perfection. Maybe that's taking it too literally. So. . ,

What does “too Hi-Fi” mean to you?
Good question with an easy answer. "Too hi-fi" means the opposite of "musical." There, that should clear things up.
agree with Rotarius about sterile ie: clinical to an unpleasant stage, lacking in PRAT. In my case, when I hear "HiFi", I would not be able to sit through a listening session for long without constantly wanting to change the music played. Perhaps a sign for me to look for something more musical/enjoyable??
Hmm....I like it when I hear the the singer's lips part or when I can hear them me, it gives me the "you are there" feeling.

I've never heard a system that was "too hi-fi" me, it either sounds good or it doesn't. Period.

Maybe I already have it in my system and don't know it.
very analytical and not musical maybe....doesnt bring you in contact with the just "observe" music not enjoying it......