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Upgrading preamp. Best for under $1K
If you want to stick to SS, Pro-ject pre box ds2 or RS.  I am a tube guy but these are terrific.  
Steve Guttenberg finally reviews the Eminent Technology LFT-8b loudspeaker.
I bought the LFT 8B many years ago and was horribly disappointed.  They were nice if all I listened to was piano trios.  The woofer was way underdamped and the highs were dull.  The panels rattled at moderate volume with bass heavy music.  Unconve... 
Ortofon Red Sound Issue
Doesn't sound like a damaged stylus or alignment.  A damaged stylus would sound bad at all times.  The tonearm bearings maybe?  Swap the cart and see if the problem persists.  
The Science of Cables
Taras22, give it a rest.  Yes, there is a lot to learn about the universe and quantum gravity.  That does not apply to cables though.  It's just a cottage industry where some people source wire of various grades from the same known wire manufactur... 
Tekton Design's new THE PERFECT SET equals "goosebumps time"
When the big Tekron thread first appeared, I pointed out Tektons past practices and was slammed by the fanboys and I am sure my posts have been  removed. He apparently had a family crisis at the time which seemed awful but a personal crisis does n... 
How to DIY yourself very nice Class D monoblocks
Erik, TI has quite a bit of info on their website with plots for the whole chip family.  Interesting threads about tpa3251/tpa3255 on diyaudio as well.  The TI module is plug and play essentially and the sound is refined with some serious low end ... 
How to DIY yourself very nice Class D monoblocks
My TI tpa3255 evaluation board is the best solid state amp I have ever had.  My references for ss amps are mid-level pieces I have owned such as Belles 150a, Bryston 4BST, B&K, Aragon 8002, NAD units and such. 
DeoxIT on tube pins
0000 steel wool works great on old tube pins.  Not as aggressive as grit but better than a magic eraser for me.   
Can a 75 ohm digital rca cable be used in place of a regular rca interconnect?
Interesting... so if anything bc of the impedance it might lower the volume/signal?No not at all.  75 ohm is the characteristic impedance of a coax cable.  Google it for a proper technical explanation.   
Reasonable RCA Connectors?
KLEI is the current favorite eh? I was once curious about Eichmann bullets so I soldered them to Ebay mil spec wire.  Made a second set of interconnects with Radioshack plugs with plastic covers.  No difference whatsoever between them.  The hollow... 
Looking for ic
Belden 8402 or 8412 cables on Ebay.   
Speaker recommendation
Classical music listener here.  Sonus Faber or KEF speakers in your price range would be the ones to get. 
Help with kef r900 issue
I have a pair R700 with the same coaxial unit.  I noticed an issue with some female vocals for the first 200 hours or so but only on mediocre pop/rock recordings. There was a bit of a metallic etch to the voices, almost like they were distorting, ... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
My wife and my mom don't listen to classical but love Brahms sym no. 4.Carlos Kleiber's recording generates the most adrenaline.  Haitink/Concertgebouw from the 70's is super duper in my book.  Honorable mention goes to Bohm/Vienna. 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I'll start with a masterpiece with great sonics.  Dvorak's 7th - Ivan Fischer