Definitive Technology Supercube Reference

Hi all!

This question is for all subwoofer owners and not just the Supercube Reference owners.

I bought this Reference subwoofer and need advice on placement. Right now, it's at a front left corner next to the main LEFT speaker. I find placing it at the corner of the room sounds boomy. If I place it in the middle of the side wall, will I get enough deep bass for movies? I listen to a lot of 2 channel music as well as movies and trying to get the best placement for both music and movies.

My room size is 16 feet wide, 40 feet long and 10 feet in height.

Before I move this sub around, I would like some advice. This sub is about 100 pounds and I am not going to move it all over the 40 foot length room. :-)

Thanks for any advice!!!
My subwoofer crystal ball see's a furniture dolly in your future! Perhaps.

Wait... it see's another sub in your future too.

My DD 15 is a bit hefty as well, and I've placed it fairly close to where I feel it operates best.... then used it's auto EQ to shape things up better.

coincidentally, I believe you are in the right general area as for placement... but of course I can't say for true. There are tons of threads here and elsewhere on placing subs, room EQ, sub EQ, etc., etc.

One thing about most anything I've ran into in audio, at least for myself, requires compromise at times. That might be your circumstance too in trying to gain the best of two quite differing worlds with but one sub, and in so large a space.

my area is 14 x 21 x 8.4 approx. i feel I could use another sub towards the rear of my room.

Mine sits on the left side of the room about 2-3 ft. in front of the left main speaker and just off the wall a few inches facing across the 15ft. span of the room, as the show is on the short wall here.

Enclosing that room helped immensely. Now traps and some added treatments for slap echo are needed too.

Otherwise I get an excellent rendition of 2 ch audio, and an impressive HT environment.

Compromise however is evident... but not by much. I am afterall, quite pleased presently... but I know things could be better still.

Good luck. a big wheeled low boy dolly will help a lot... so will EQ-ing the room and sub as best you can or with some additional devices. rives is a great place to begin looking.
Thanks Blindjim for your advice!

The wheeled dolly sounds like a great idea. However, I still have to put the sub on the dolly and take the sub off the dolly when I am done. Maybe I can have my wife do that for me and I'll just push the dolly around. HA HA HA

Yesterday, I did moved the sub about 7 inches away from the front wall but kept the same distant from the left side wall. The bass seems to sound much tighter and cleaner when moving away from the front wall. I had it about 1 inch from the front wall previously. I can't believe by moving the sub away from the front wall made such a huge difference!

The sounds for movies even got punchier and the slam effect. About getting another Reference, that would be overdone I think. I never had to turn the volume control on this sub even quarter of the way. It's the most powerful sub I have eve experienced. My furniture are shaking and the pounding on my gut. I am actually afraid to turn the volume half way because it might damage the structure of the house. Having 2 References will for sure take down my house.

When I first bought this sub, I was actually thought it was too small and looks funny. My wife thought it was going to be a joke. I have had experienced with other brands subs and much bigger subs such as Velodyne, B&W, Paradigm, Mirage, etc... If you have never experience the Reference, check it out!

Definitive Technology also got the Trinity sub if you want to bring down the whole neighborhood! That Trinity sub will probably picks you up during an action movie and throw you through the wall and out on the street. HA HA HA

... thru the eall on out onto the street... ?

Well, now, I can't wait.... more than a decade or two for that.

I wasn't reffering to SPL... just better more even low end performance.... You did say for 'both' music and flicks, right?

I don't recall ever being thrown into the street by a double or electric bass, or baritone sax.

slide it up and down that side wall some and keep it off the wall at least a hands width or better... finding the spot shouldn't take long. You might even try facing it into the length of the room too... or just off angle.

An EQ for that unit will ease things immensely... they save a lot of sledding the sub around

Good luck.
Hi,I just purchased a Supercube Reference, sounds awsome but!
I hear a sound coming out of the sub/speaker it self.
I don't know if this is what people call hum.
I did not have that noise/sound with my seismic 10.
I can only discribed the sound as if you turn the volume all the way up on a receiver with music on pause, is like a hising sound in low frequency.
This subwoofer does not have a ground, so what els could it be?
It makes that noise/sound even if the LFE cable is disconnected.
Just picked one of these and hearing the same thing. Did you ever figure it out?