Delores Keane fans?

The first time I heard her was on John Prine's duets album doing "small town" and was immediately captivated by her style. I picked up her 'best of' because it was the only thing I could find locally. I would like any of her fans to give me their favorite recommendations. Thanks & enjoy the music.
I have a copy of Tom Russell's "The Man From God Knows Where" that features her and I too was captivated by her voice. I highly recommend this album.
I'd never heard of her until I came across this thread. Being keen (pun intended) on female vocals, I took a listen to some snippets over at Amazon. Not bad! I'll have to pick up some of her work.

There seem to be quite a few albums to choose from...
Dolores Keane is an Irish singer with quite a list of records. She sang Irish trad. exclusively until the late-80s (thereabouts) when, following the path of other Irish trad singers like Mary Black, she gravitated to the more commercially viable "singer-songwriter" genre. I first heard her sing on The Chiftains, "Bonaparte's Retreat"(1978). She was a guest vocalist. Her first solo lp was titled, "There Was A Maid" and that was issued in 1978. She has recorded three lovely lps of trad. music w/her (now ex) husband, the brilliant English singer & guitarist, John Faulkner. Those records are in chron. order: Broken Hearted I'll Wander ('79), Farewell to Erin ('80), and Sail Og Rua ('81). She recorded "Muintir Chathain" w/her family (including Sara and Rita Keane, fine trad. older Ir. singers) and her brother Sean (who has at least 2 stateside releases). Further, she was a memeber of the seminal Irish group, De Dannan and can be heard most notably on "De Danann (s/t) released in '75. She sings on the De Danann lp "Anthem" along w/Mary Black. Probably the best of her post.trad. work is "Night Owl" from 2000. Al the lps w/exception of "Muintir Chathain" have had US releases. Hope that provides a little background info.
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